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pdile.net For a worldwide audience, World News' purpose is to report objectively and unbiasedly on events occurring in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). For MWN, the freedom of speech and conversation on a variety of themes relating to North Africa, the Middle East, and Morocco are fundamental goals. Morocco World News is dedicated to reporting the facts, disseminating that information, and posing critical questions about that information.

It is MWN's mission to provide the best quality and ethical reporting in order to accomplish its aims. MWN's core values include ensuring that all of MWN's content is independent, free of bias, and done with the greatest level of integrity.

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An independent MWN is one that can report objectively from all sides of an issue or conflict.

For MWN to remain fair and neutral in its reporting, a good journalist must have the ability to work on all sides of an issue or dispute without bias or prejudice.

According to the highest standards of journalism, MWN appropriately identifies and credits all sources.

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